Training und Therapie mit dem Flossband

Authors: Dominik Suslik and Sascha Seifert ● 1st edition, 2016 in German ● 272 pages, 265 photos, 34 illustrations ● 1 item

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Exercise therapy - Thera-Band and hand trainers for rehabilitation and training

Exercise therapy is actually exercise prescribed by a doctor or alternative medicine practitioner that is practised in cooperation with a therapist, individually or in a group. Exercise therapy is not only a fixed component of therapeutic exercise, physiotherapy and ergotherapy, its elements are also found in varying forms or originate from yoga, aerobics, qigong, taijiquan (tai chi), or coordination training, for example, as well as fitness programmes.

The therapeutic application of exercise therapy in the context of rehabilitation measures is often a mix of adapted strength training, stretching exercises and coordination and balance exercises, which allow for strengthening of the musculature without overburdening the patient.

Certain exercises and training activities require tools, which can facilitate the progress of healing. These tools include in particular exercise bands from Thera-Band or flossband from the quality brand Sanctband made of latex, and enable an enormous therapeutic range of movement sequences and enjoy great popularity in the fields of therapeutics and sport.

Fitness bands from Thera-Band: Elastic gymnastic bands made of latex

Fitness bands generally have different resistance values. The flexibility is crucial for the type of application and the treatment and ranges from light to extra-heavy. A gymnastic band that is easy to stretch is especially suitable for older patients or people with a low tolerance for pain, for example, whereas a strong, inflexible latex band with a higher resistance requires a more pronounced musculature and greater force. The strongest grade is more suitable for performance athletes than it is for patients in the rehabilitation phase.

Hand trainers from Theraflex: Strengthening the finger musculature

Another proven tool is so-called "therapy putty", which is a kneadable putty made of silicone that supports healing as a hand trainer. The musculature of the hands and fingers is strengthened by kneading the material, which is why it is also often referred to as a finger trainer. This strength trainer also has five different hardness grades from soft to extra-firm to choose from.

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