Special needles, plum blossom hammers and seven star hammers

Some acupuncture treatments require special needle types and acupuncture tools like non-invasive needles or „Teishins“. With these special stimulators that are designed for the Japanese technique, the acupuncturist can stimulate certain points without actually penetrating the skin. Non-invasive needles are well suited to the treatment of patients with fear of needles; it is therefore valued by many doctors and alternative medicine practitioners for the treatment of those with such phobia.

Plum blossom hammers, detox-needles or also special acupuncture hand-needles in the other hand count to the invasive needle types and open up many ways of treatment to the therapist.

The plum blossom hammer, also referred to as the seven star hammer, is a tool from the fields of acupuncture, cupping and microphlebectomy.
A plum blossom hammer is a small, approx. 15 cm long hammer with a flexible, slightly springy handle and a hammer head loaded with short, only a few millimetre long needles. The number of needles varies; with seven star hammers the hammer head has seven needles, whereas plum blossom hammers have up to twelve needles. These needles are used to stimulate acupuncture points, channels or meridians. Depending on the intensity of the treatment, the skin is reddened to different degrees and stronger tapping can result in the leakage of some blood. For this reason, plum blossom hammers must be sterile and are often supplied with interchangeable hammer heads. These interchangeable heads are individually sterile-packed and can be easily mounted onto the hammer.
The treatment is also frequently used as a purification therapy for detoxification. Seven star or plum blossom hammers can also be used in the context of so-called "bloody cupping", for example. In this treatment, the skin area to be cupped, on which the cupping jar is placed, is scarified until "bloody" beforehand.

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