TeWa KJ-Type

Content: 100 needles

from 4,20 €
TeWa KB-Type

Content: 100 needles

from 4,10 €
TeWa 5KB-Type Speed Pack

Content: 1,000 needles

from 29,50 €
Seirin Type L

Content: 100 needles

15,75 €
31,70 €
from 26,75 €

Acupuncture needles with metal wire handles

Acupuncture needles with metal spiral handles and no eyelets are also referred to as Korean acupuncture needles. A stainless steel wire coiled into a spring is fitted on an acupuncture needle as a handle. Just like needles with copper handles, this type of needle is also suitable for electroacupuncture (EMS or TENS therapy) using stimulation currents. Clamps are easily attachable to the slim handle that has a wire coil without eyelets. The handle is noticeably more rigid than a copper spiral handle, but more flexible than a metal tube handle. Feedback on the success of treatment is less direct for doctors than it is with copper; this precise feature is nonetheless valued by many acupuncturists for certain treatment methods.

All acupuncture needles at acupunctureworld with a stainless steel spiral handle are made of medical-grade stainless steel and have a thin silicone coating and a very precisely sharpened tip, which allows for a virtually painless puncture. Guide tubes are also optionally available; the packaging ranges from individual blisters to multiple blister packs or Speed Packs.

The packages are provided with a colour code that indicates the needle diameter. This allows you to access the desired needle size straightforwardly during acupuncture treatment.