Moxa Base Disk

metal, Ø 11mm ● 100 pieces

6,90 €
Set with Moxa Pipe Made of Wood

with extinguisher. Bakelite ● 1 piece

from 12,30 €
Bakelite Moxa Burner

with extinguisher. Bakelite ● 1 piece

14,25 €
from 6,00 €
Moxa Lighter

Gas lighter for moxa ● Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 2.6 cm ● 1 piece

15,30 €
from 10,80 €
Incense Sticks from Japan

approx. 60 pieces

from 11,00 €
from 8,00 €

Moxa supplies - Moxa boxes, tiger warmers and other moxa accessories

Moxibustion has continued to develop over the past millenia. The use of moxa on acupuncture needles is a comparatively new treatment method, in which heat is directed at a particular acupuncture point.
A moxa holder can be used for safe application. This holder is stuck onto the end of an acupuncture needle and prevents ash from falling. A moxa spoon can be used to safely remove the holder. This spoon is guided under the needle and withdrawn upwards together with the moxa holder and ash.

A moxa box, for example, is suitable for the treatment of larger skin areas with moxa. Loose moxa is generally ignited in moxa boxes and gives off a very even and extensive heat throughout the box during burning.

In treatment with moxa cigars, the therapist must constantly put down the burning moxa stick. To address this, moxa stick holders, so-called moxa burners, exist that stand on the table. These mostly also contain a moxa extinguisher. Once ignited, moxa sticks should not burn down completely without a secure mount. So that they can be used for further therapy sessions, these sticks should be extinguished in an ember extinguisher, for example.

A low-smoke moxa stick made of moxa coal can also be used as an alternative to mugwort-filled moxa cigars. This stick can, for example, be gripped with a so-called tiger warmer, a pen-like tool made of metal, and used for massage of the hands, feet, ears and body.