Acupuncture needles for the dry needling technique

In both acupuncture treatment and dry needling, acupuncture needles are used. However, dry needling is not the same as acupuncture. While acupuncture is based on traditional Chinese medicine, dry needling is rooted in western medicine and its assessment of pain patterns, posture, movement disorders, function and orthopedic tests.

In contrast to acupuncture, dry needling uses trigger points - i.e. local points, very tense points in a hardened muscle - with a thin needle. In contrast to the treatment by means of injection, this is without medication; with a "dry needle".

Particularly stable, yet flexible acupuncture needles are required for this technique. The choice of handle depends on the preferences of the therapist, the length and diameter on the position of the trigger point. In this form of therapy, acupuncture needles with guide tubes are often used, which make handling easier.

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