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asiamed Apex Press Needles

Content: 96 needles

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Spare plaster for Apex press Needles

Size: Ø 9 mm ● 560 pieces

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Seirin Pyonex Press Needles

Content: 100 needles

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C&D Ring Press Needle

Gauge 4(x 0.06") / 0.22 x 1.5 mm ● Content: 100 needles

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A.S.P. by Sedatelec

Content: 8 to 200 needles

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Permanent needles - Acupuncture needles for permanent stimulation

Permanent needles are special acupuncture needles that differ considerably in shape from traditional needles. Examples of these needles are Apex needles, ring needles and intradermal needles. Permanent needles are frequently used especially in auricular acupuncture. Permanent acupuncture needles are often shorter than "normal" needles. This supports the good retention of the needle in areas such as the ear.

Apex needles

This special form of permanent needle originates from French auricular acupuncture. The thicker needle resembles a small arrow and measures only a few millimetres with a small handle. The needle sits in a plastic sleeve—the applicator tube—and is pressed into the skin or tissue using a plunger on the tube. The application is largely painless and can be carried out very precisely. A magnet in the plunger can subsequently be used to additionally stimulate and move the arrow needle.

Ring permanent needles - Press tack needles

These special needles look like a miniature thumbtack or drawing pin. They are tiny steel springs embedded in a plaster. This type of needle is placed on acupuncture points with the aid of tweezers. Ring permanent needles and press tack needles therefore comprise a very small acupuncture plaster or patch that can be placed on almost every acupuncture point on the skin during stimulation.

Intradermal needles (hinai-shin)

The intradermal needle is similar in shape to a tennis racket. This type of needle is inserted into more shallow angles in the skin and fixed in place using a plaster. This allows the permanent needle to remain in the skin for a longer period of time.

The permanent acupuncture needles available at acupunctureworld are made of medical-grade stainless steel and possess an outstanding sharpened tip.