asiamed Special+

Content: 100 needles

from 9,50 €
TeWa JJ-Type

Content: 100 needles

from 4,20 €
TeWa JB-Type

Content: 100 needles

from 4,10 €
TeWa 5JB-Type Speed Pack

Content: 1,000 needles

from 29,50 €

Acupuncture needles with rigid metal handles

Acupuncture needles with metal tube handles are also referred to as Japanese acupuncture needles. Compared with coiled wire handles, these stable metal handles pressed onto the needle are rigid. The metal handle is also suitable for stimulation current therapy due to its conductivity. Current clamps find sufficient grip on the handle that has no eyelets.

Acupuncture needles at acupunctureworld with a metal tube handle have a high-quality silicone coating and a precisely sharpened tip, which allows for a less painful puncture. Guide tubes are optionally available and the packaging of the needles ranges from individual blisters to Speed Packs with multiple needles per blister. Each package is provided with a colour code that indicates the needle diameter. This allows you to find the desired needle size conveniently and safely during acupuncture treatment.