AWQ-105 Pro Acupunctoscope stimulation device
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Professional point search and stimulation device for the acupuncture - for point search and direct point stimulation.

Technical Product properties

  • Output channels (including an ADP / STIM output for point search and tuningonly)
  • Frequency and pulse width are adjustable. Output channels 1 and 2 (group 1) can be set separately from channels 3 and 4 (group 2).
  • Adjustable output power: low for electroacupuncture and high for TENS
    "Loc / Needle / Stim" switch for locating locos (Loc) and tuning (Needle) or direct vocalization using the provided probe(Stim)
  • Point search with acoustic and optical display as well as in the display. The acoustic signal can be switched off during the pointsearch.
  • APD & Stim: LED lights up in the Stim mode and blinks when the Stim button is pressed.
  • Waveform: Waveform: two-phase, square wave with negative contribution
  • Pulse width: adjustable 50 500 μs. (X1) and 10 100 μs (X5)
  • Frequency: adjustable 1-100 Hz (X1) and5-500 Hz (X5)
  • Output modes: constant - pulse rate and width adjustable: at X1 between 1-100 Hz and 50-500 μs; at X5 between 5-500 Hz and 10-100 μs.
  • Modulation: preset pulse rate (6 sec. per cycle)
  • Charge shock: preset pulse rate (3 sec per cycle)
  • Timer (continuous treatment, 15 or 30 minutes) with acoustic signal
  • 3 digital displays: 2LCD displays (each 15 x 30 mm) show the exact frequency of the two groups of output channels. A third LCD display (15 x 30 mm) indicates the sensitivity of the point search and the frequency of 10 Hz, which is fixed during direct tuning using the search / tuning probe.
  • Power supply: 6 V C batteries
  • Medical device (CE0197)
  • Made in China
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