Training Sets MENICHELLI
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The following sets were created specifically for the seminars offered by Dr. Franco Menichelli at the Associazione Italiana Agopuntura (AIA) in Rome, Italy.

Training Set MENICHELLI - I

  • 5x TeWa CB-Type 2525 (s)
  • 5x TeWa CB-Type 2540 (s)
  • 5x TeWa CB-Type 3040 (s)
  • 1x TeWa 5CB-Type 2525 Speed Pak (s)
  • 1x TeWa 5CB-Type 2540 Speed Pak (s)

All acupuncture needles in the set are uncoated with copper spiral handle according to Chinese tradition.

Training Set MENICHELLI - II

  • 1x Vaccaria seeds - 180 pieces
  • 1x asiamed Apex Steel
  • 1x Dual spring-loaded pressure feeler - steel
  • 1x Ear acupuncture model - 22 cm

Dr. Franco Menichelli - the teacher

Franco Menichelli graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome (1980).

He devoted himself to the study of acupuncture already at the end of the 70s, as a student and then collaborator of Dr. Maurice Mussat.

He is currently President of the Italian Acupuncture Association, Vice President of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS).

He is director of S.A.E.T., the Scuola di Agopuntura Energetica e Tradizionale di Roma and Arad (Romania, Vasile Goldis University).

From 1988 to 1996 he directed the Higher School of Acupuncture for the offices in Rome, Pisa and Milan.

From 1986 to 1994 he directed the first public Acupuncture clinic in Italy, at the ASL RmA in Rome.

From 1998 to 2012 he was a member of the Permanent Forum on Non-Conventional Medicines at the Medical Association of Rome and the Province.

Since 2012 he has been a member of the Commission on Non-Conventional Medicine at the Order of Doctors of Rome and the Province.

In 2008 he obtained the honor as "Cavaliere al Merito della Repubblica Italiana".

In 2013 he obtained the Honorary Award as "Ufficiale al Merito della Repubblica Italiana".

He is the author of several scientific publications and, among these, we mention the following books:

  • Insegnamenti di Agopuntura I°
  • Insegnamenti di Agopuntura II° (ediz. C.I.S.U Roma)
  • Insegnamenti di Agopuntura III° (ediz. C.I.S.U Roma)
  • Corso di Laser terapia Clinica. (ediz. C.I.S.U Roma)
  • I Canali dell' Energia. (ediz. C.I.S.U Roma)
  • I Complessi Omeopatici Reckeweg e Rekin in Agopuntura (ediz. I.M.O. Milano)
  • Agopuntura: Il Codice dei Punti (ediz. C.I.S.U Roma)
  • Agopuntura Clinica: Osteo-articolare (ediz. C.S.O.A. Milano)
  • Agopuntura Clinica: Psicologia e Psicopatologie (ediz. I.M.O. Milano).
  • Agopuntura Osteo Articolare - Corso teorico pratico audiovisivo (ediz. New Medical Roma)
  • Agopuntura: atlante anatomico e multimediale (ediz. New Medical Roma)

He carries out his activity in Rome, at the New Medical clinics, directed by him.

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