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Detecting Channel Qi Aberrations

by Janice Walton-Hadlock
Item #: S-JWH001

Approved by: IVAS, NCCAOM, Standard Certificate

Language: English

Course Length: 24 h

Access Period: Lifetime

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Detecting Channel Qi Aberrations

Course Overview

Learn to detect the exact location of Channel Qi aberrations with your hands. These courses will go through step-by-step the process of finding and utilzing specific styles of needle insertion that directly restore correct Channel flow at the point of the aberration. Advanced concepts and practices will also be covered and illustrated through the use of recorded case studies and examples. Please note: It is highly recommended you complete at least one of these prerequisite items prior to completing this course: Watch a 1-hour recording of Janice's Advanced Channel Theory presentation and/or read the first 4 chapters of Tracking the Dragon, by Janice Walton-Hadlock. Registrants of this course should also try feeling Channel Qi prior to the course so that they have a sense of their ability. As well, it is required that Course 1 is completed before Course 2.
Link to Detecting Channel Qi Aberrations - Course 1 Page Link to Detecting Channel Qi Aberrations - Course 2 Page


Janice Walton-Hadlock, DAOM, L.Ac., is a professor at Five Branches University, and specializes in Channel Theory, Yin Tui Na, Psychology and Counseling; she is the founder of the Parkinson's Recovery Project, and is an author on topics relating to Channel Theory and Parkinson's.
Course Length 24h
Course Language English
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