Treatment of Non-Responsive Frozen Shoulder

by Weidong Yu
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Approved by: Standard Certificate, IVAS, NCCAOM

Language: English

Course Type: Recorded Webinar

Course Length: 2 h

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

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Treatment of Non-Responsive Frozen Shoulder

Course Overview

Frozen Shoulder is a condition that frequently affects people between the ages of 40 to 70. Common acupuncture treatment protocols usually achieve good results, but severe cases can present special challenges. Dr. Weidong will share his unique acupuncture treatment strategies and protocols for Frozen Shoulder for the first time in our two-hour webinar. His time-tested treatment method has been named the "best natural painkiller" by satisfied patients.

Course Objectives

  • To understand exactly what Frozen shoulder is, and how to identify it.
  • To learn how to identify common symptoms of Frozen shoulder, and prevention.
  • To learn treatment strategies and protocol for severe Frozen shoulder.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 2 hrsTopics covered: Wind-Cold Damp Bi Syndrome, Blood Stagnation Bi Syndrome, Deficiency Bi Syndrome, Cold Bi Syndrome.


A graduate of Shandong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Weidong Yu, Dr. TCM, L.Ac., B.M, MPH, has studied both TCM and western medicine. He was the resident physician at Binzhou Medical College Hospital, and worked as an Assistant Research Fellow at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. An author, he lectures internationally and maintains a private practice.
Course Length 2h
Course Language English
Course Type Recorded Webinar
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